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Yoga for Teachers Series - Granby Public Schools

Yoga comes to your school. All-levels yoga flow at East Meadow School, Granby, MA. Open to all teachers and staff. No prior yoga experience needed - come as you are, ALL are welcome!

Some (of the many) benefits of Yoga for school staff:

  • Permission to relax fully and let go of what’s no longer serving you.

  • Improve strength, flexibility, balance, equanimity, and calmness.

  • Practice conscious breathing as a ready solution for the many challenges that arise during the school day.

  • Sharpen powers of concentration - learn to direct gaze, withdraw from distractions, and develop stamina in maintaining a one-pointed focus.

  • Through the internal focus of yoga - build awareness of your energy and how it affects the energy of the classroom. Learn how to use conscious breath and movement to adjust the energy level in the room, from settling the frenetic energy that students bring in from the playground to energizing a group in a mid-afternoon slump.

  • Explore your ability to control responses to stressful situations - practicing remaining calm, slowing down, making mores skillful choices, feeling empowered, and taking clear action.

  • Use breath and movement to reduce the effects of chronic stress.