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Yoga For Pelvic Health: Strength, Stability and Ease in Your Core

Your pelvis is the all-important core of your body, and its function affects the entire body. Many people have issues yet don’t recognize signs or might shrug off symptoms as “I thought it was normal because of having kids or getting older. I’ll just live with it.” 

It does NOT have to be your new normal, and you CAN improve it! A little education and practice will go a long way.

Whether you experience pelvic, hip or low back pain, suffer from inconvenient unexpected incontinence, or have a fear of pelvic organ prolapse, this workshop will help you take matters into your own hands by exploring alignment, breath, connection to core, and pliability of pelvic floor musculature.

Through interactive lecture and discussion, as well as guided asana/movement, you will:

  • increase your awareness of pelvic health

  • break habitual patterns that can result in dysfunction

  • create optimal function and health for years to come

Topics include:

  • Pelvic Anatomy (including the Core 4 and the bony pelvis)

  • Pain of the pelvic girdle and low back

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (pain, incontinence, prolapse, etc)

  • Yoga Poses for long-term pelvic and core strength and balance

Come as you are to learn and practice in a safe and supportive environment.