Loving-kindness meditation, also called “metta” is the simple practice of directing well-wishes towards yourself and others.

It may be simple, yet it truly is profound. In less than five minutes, you can transform your mood and infuse yourself with joy, gratitude, and internal ease.

To practice:

  • arrange your body in a comfortable position where you are relaxed and at ease, yet awake and alert

  • close your eyes or find a soft gaze on a still point

  • focus on your breath as you allow it to increase in length and decrease in speed

  • silently repeat the following phrases to yourself:

    • May I be safe.

    • May I be happy.

    • May I be healthy.

    • May I live with ease.

  • Once you’ve offered the blessings to yourself, offer them to others in the following order - using whoever first comes to mind - saying, “May you…” :

    • a loved one

    • a neutral person - someone you feel neither great liking nor disliking (the man who checked you out at the grocery store, the pedestrian you stopped for at the crosswalk, the bank teller, etc.)

    • a person with whom you have some conflict - perhaps lack of forgiveness, or anger, or fear

    • and finally to all beings, saying “May all beings…” with each phrase

It really is simple and easy. And it WILL leave you feeling more alive, inspired, connected and present. Give it a try!

ilana beigel