I didn’t use to like doing yoga very much. But with Ilana, I absolutely love it! Her teaching provides the perfect level and type of direction and inspiration. I’ve been doing yoga with her for 6 months and I am stronger and more peaceful - inside and out. I love yoga now.”

Rebecca, University Professor



“Among all of the stunning combinations of stones and intentions, I selected a Mala that spoke to me.  From the beauty of her craftsmanship to the meaning of each stone, I knew this Mala was exactly what I needed to help me through my next phase of discovery.  Every time I wear my Mala I am reminded that I am loved, supported and part of a community. Thank you Ilana for creating these beautiful pieces that spread so much love.”

Nicole Hudson, Wander Freely


“Working with Ilana has been transformative in all the best ways. She creates an environment and relationship where I can confidently, comfortably, and over time address important - yet challenging - decisions/times in life. With her expert guidance, I learn new perspectives, how to set and reach goals, and how to engage in meaningful reflection along the way.  I incorporate Ilana’s tools and tips into my business and personal life to help me feel grounded and empowered.”

C.R., quarter-lifer, coaching client



I am 81 years old, new to yoga, and plain lucky to be doing yoga with Ilana. She makes me feel comfortable with her calm, assuring presence. Her teaching is at once precise and relaxing and comes from the heart. She guides me with patience and grace, allowing me my limitations. Yoga with Ilana gently stretches my somewhat pent-up heart and spirit and I leave feeling deliciously relaxed, physically and spiritually connected not only to my body but also to the earth below my feet and the universe at large.”

Martha, empty-nester


“I love my mala! Ilana engaged me in the design process and provided a variety of design and color options. Paired with my ideas, Ilana’s fun and tasteful design aesthetic allows her to create something beautifully unique. I have received many compliments as it truly is a statement piece.”