I grew up in the Boston area as a sensitive, perceptive, introverted yet opinionated child. My grandmother always told me I should be a lawyer because I argued so much - but really, it’s just that I am passionate about the things I believe in - and yoga (on and off the mat) is one of them.

I come from a family with intergenerational trauma and loss, and have lots of role models for thriving amidst adversity. I have learned how to use my “story” as fuel for transformation. Each of us has a story, and I firmly believe in the power of peeling back the layers to reveal Aum Tat Sat (that which is real and true) in order to get the most out of your unique journey through this amazing thing we call life.

Although I was never an athlete, I always loved moving my body adn . Throughout my life, yoga has been a constant source of grounding, balance, and connection. On and off the mat, it has supported me through maturing, living authentically, mothering, and skillfully navigating difficult life decisions and transitions.

I believe the teachings of yoga are boundless - and I want to share them with you.



Shortly after graduating college with a B.A. in Psychology and no clear career path, I relocated to Seattle from the Northeast, fueled by a desire to grow and evolve.

While attending an open house for the perfect rental apartment, the building manager asked if I practiced yoga (I had - for 2 weeks of high school gym classes on the wrestling room mats in the basement of my high school - yup, kinda gross). After I was offered a lease (equal parts luck and magic!) she invited me to attend her weekly class. I was immediately hooked and studied with her in her various spaces around Seattle (this was 1997 and there was not a yoga studio on every corner).


I have been back in Massachusetts since 2000 and have enjoyed the ride of life with all of its planned as well as unforeseen twists and turns. Yoga simultaneously grounds and elevates me.

Much of my time is spent strategizing with my husband about how to best manage our active, bustling household (which includes three children ages 10 to 16, one dog, two cats, one fish and five chickens); driving my children to their various activities; working as a Speech Therapist in a rehabilitation hospital, making jewelry; baking; cleaning, organizing and decorating my home; perusing the internet for inspiration; or learning something new.